How much does it costs?

The application is partially free, with some tools being freely available and for some you need to get a plan. Please check the Plans page

We will start by letting it free and see how that works. We will introduce later the posibility to donate and hopefully the ads and the donations will keep us going. We might introduce later premium features.

We are currently in Beta version.

We have a lot more features coming up so stay tuned.
If you need a feature, please contact us - we value your feedback!

Roof drawing vs 2D drawing

The difference between Roof drawing and 2D drawing is that 2D drawing is considering the segment lengths and areas exactly as seen in the drawing, while the Roof drawing takes also the roof slope into account.
The Roof drawing tool is built on the 2D drawing.

Upcoming features

We plan to develop many new features like:
- On Roof results - produce also the segmnt lengths and totals per type of segment
- Add an offer management system - to let roofers organise their work
- Draw on google maps
- Multilanguage
- And many others...

How drawing works

Most features have an information icon next to them.
To see the you need to click the "Show Help" button at the top.
To see how a tool works, click on "Show Help" then click on an information icon to see details about that tool.

Roof dimensions

In order for us to calculate your roof dimensions, we need to know at least one length.

How can you find at least one length?
If you have a picture from Google maps, you can bring the Google scale into your printScreen. Then you can draw a segment over it and then in the dimensions panel set that segment to what google says - ex: 100 yards
Don't be shy to draw segments next to your roof. If you draw on top of an image, draw segments over objects from the picture for which you know a dimension (and set that segment to the correct length in the dimensions panel) - and we calculate then all other dimensions based on your definition.

If you know more segment lengths, you can set one segment then you will see all other segment lengths (click the Show Segment Length in the toolbox) and you will be able to drag them until they are where you want them.
The more segments you know, the more accurate the calculations will be.

What is the pitch?

Commonly, the pitch is known as the slope (incline) of the roof.
Roof pitch can also be defined as the vertical rise divided by its horizontal span (or run).

Pitch is expressed as a degree or percentage in countries that use the metric system while in countries that use imperial measurement, pitch is expressed with rise first and run second.

In US, instead of the whole run, 12 inch is used and the pitch is how much rise (or fall) is for 12 inch of run.


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